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Track and document every SuiteCloud change, compare your environments, and move changes between them seamlessly.

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Compare sandboxes, align them, and deploy changes in a few clicks, saving you hours  manually recreating changes.

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Salto’s solution is super helpful in automating our change tracking in NetSuite. We can now track, make sense of, and properly document all changes made, from dev to production.

Michal Lewy-Harush


Salto made change management really easy for us by automating the full cycle of tracking, understanding, and logging changes in NetSuite.

Yuval Reut



Enhance your deployment quality and speed

Searching your Salesforce metadata is as easy as Ctrl+F

Compare and align you environments to experience fewer failed deployments. Move ALL your changes between environments so you won't have to waste time adding missing records in production.


Reduce audit preparation time by 60%

Track and document every change in your customization, including scripts, and link them to their respective Jira or ServiceNow ticket. Gain full visibility to your audit log.

Textual Search

Ctrl+F within your NetSuite customization and scripts

Use Salto’s free text search to find elements in your customization’s hard-coded values, files, and scripts.

Salto supports 7 business applications and counting

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