Take the guesswork out of your Salesforce deployments

Salto is the only admin-friendly compare and deploy tool, that allows you to know exactly what you need to deploy

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Everything admins and developers need for error-free deployments

Compare your sandbox to production and ensure it contains everything you need

Identify metadata differences between orgs with an intuitive, no-code UI so you know exactly what needs to be deployed

Perform a complete dependency analysis to ensure your deployment contains all the required dependencies to succeed.

Use the built-in change validation feature to flag any potential errors (and embracements).

Edit metadata and make last minute editing right before the deployment.

Make bulk metadata changes with a few clicks (Find and Replace).

Leverage Git to manage feature delivery while maintaining a complete audit trail of all changes.

Salto is a certified AppExchange Partner and a certified Salesforce partner

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This has saved me a ton of time sifting through the metadata by hand, and I would highly recommend adding this.

Brandon Pitts

Salesforce administrator at Rightnow media

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