Exploring NetSuite SuiteQL with Tim Dietrich & Eric Grubaugh

What we’ll cover

NetSuite developers Tim Dietrich and Eric Grubaugh, former hosts of the SuiteScript Stories podcast, are reuniting for an insightful fireside chat to discuss all things SuiteQL! In this live webinar, Tim and Eric will provide valuable insights into the world of NetSuite development, focusing on SuiteQL and common issues faced by NetSuite developers. They’ll also open the chat for questions so attendees can get personalized advice.

Topics include:

What Eric and Tim have been up to

What is SuiteQL and why it’s important

Common mis-understandings about SuiteQL (especially the number of results you can get)

Challenges with SuiteQL (ex: tables that are inaccessible, limited access to schema, etc)

Frequently asked questions that Tim gets with regards to SuiteQL

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