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Take the guesswork out of your deployments.

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Are you tired of spending hours working with complex XML comparison tools, only to end up with unreliable or incorrect results? Do you wish there was an easier way to compare and deploy changes to your Salesforce org?

Look no further—Salto XML-free compare is here to save the day!
Salto's org comparison tool was designed to help admins confidently deploy changes to their Salesforce org.

With Salto, you can:

Ensure that your sandbox contains everything you need and work on new features with the confidence they’ll be accepted in production without errors.

Identify metadata differences between orgs so you know exactly what needs to be deployed.

Easily select and deploy as many metadata items as you wish.

Perform a complete dependency analysis to make sure you don't miss any hidden references.

Use the built-in change validation feature to flag any potential errors.

No XML or Git knowledge is required thanks to Salto's unique metadata visualization.

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Salto is a certified AppExchange Partner and a certified Salesforce partner

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This has saved me a ton of time sifting through the metadata by hand, and I would highly recommend adding this.

Brandon Pitss

Salesforce administrator at Rightnow media

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