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Your Business Apps' Configuration

Salto simplifies, streamlines and automates the day-to-day efforts of business operations teams. By translating the configuration of business applications to a structured textual representation, Salto's platform unlocks unprecedented agility, scale and accuracy.

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A New Approach to Business Application Configuration

Salto created a structured language that enables text-search, re-use of configs, in-line documentation, and more; our built-in Git client allows you to easily audit and document changes, debug and revert to previous versions. Finally, we enable you to automate tasks and processes that will save you time, and reduce human errors, bugs and breaks.

Our approach stems from importing foundational best practices from the software development world and applying them to business application configuration. In the same spirit, Salto is an open source company and has an open architecture, which enables you to use it along with your other tools, such as CI servers, Git, Jira, and others.

Universal configuration language

NaCl is a structured, declarative and human-readable configuration language, designed to describe and change the configuration of business applications. Using such a language enables you to re-use elements that are relevant to several applications (like SKUs in Salesforce and NetSuite). You can search any and all configuration elements, enjoy Git and all its benefits, and much more.

Multi platform

Salto's standardized configuration language applies across all business applications (such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Zuora and others), so Salto operations (like Fetch and Deploy) can be applied to all applications - essentially versioning together, monitoring together, searching all applications' configurations simultaneously, and more. Complex deployments across applications now becomes a one-click operation.


Salto enables you to easily maintain separate environments (such as development, staging, production), complete with each one's specific configuration, while still enabling a shared common configuration folder that holds elements that should remain aligned across all environments. This makes configurations in different environments easy to compare and sync, and in also prevents configuration "drift" among environments, making rollouts much safer.

Dual works mode

Salto's Dual Works Mode allows you to edit configurations wherever you prefer to do so. This enables you to use the most appropriate tool for any given task. For example, you can use the native UI builder to change the UI layouts of applications or use NaCl to create new custom fields, modify them and then deploy them once to apply all changes.

More About Salto's Tech
“Salto’s solution is super helpful in automating our change tracking in NetSuite. We can now track, make sense and properly document all changes made, from dev to production”
Michal Lewy-Harush
Global CIO, Tufin
“Leveraging software development methodologies to improve the world of business operations is disruptive, even game-changing.
The holistic approach of a solution that works across apps and environments can and should lead to the adoption of new industry standards"
Mike Hamilton
VP Information Technology, Databricks
“Business operations today are run through an increasing number of different apps. This creates numerous frictions in workflows and processes that lead to major inefficiencies. Salto's holistic, forward-thinking approach to the management of business apps is the future, and its solution is the connective tissue we were looking for"
Oran Akron
Head of Business Operations,
״Salto helps WalkMe to better understand the potential implications of configuration changes in SFDC, as well as accurately track and monitor those changes. This clears up our time to focus on helping leading enterprises worldwide meet their tech ROI expectations, while focusing on Digital Adoption״
Tal Carmi
Global VP Information Systems, WalkMe
“Automating otherwise manual processes, Salto fundamentally improved the way we track, audit and make changes on NetSuite. Using these capabilities for Salesforce, as well as for our other business platforms, is a game-changer"
Yuval Reut
CIO, Riskified

Relationships Made Clear

It starts with NaCl providing free text search and structured references. On top of that we've added the Salto Graph, a smart graph that links everything together.

With the Salto Graph you can identify impact chains of any length across applications, search for specific kinds of relationships like "what writes to this field", and much more.

Plan and debug changes with clarity and speed.
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Fully Automated Change Delivery

The days of handpicking changes to move between environments, wondering if and how they are different, or manually deploying them to production are over.

Salto offers a new paradigm, where you easily define which configuration elements should stay synced across all environments. Salto's smart Fetch and Deploy automatic operations get your configuration changes where you need them, quickly and accurately.

Deliver changes faster and eliminate human error.
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Change Auditing and Monitoring

Say goodbye to stale documentation, opaque audit logs and feeling unsure about what's going on in your business applications.

Each change Salto tracks in NaCl is easy to read, and allows you to add free-text context and links to project management tasks and other inputs, for a 360-always-relevant documentation trail. Leverage NaCl's structure to easily set up monitoring alerts on changes you care about.

Control, gain confidence and reliably document what changed and why.
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