Salto for Google Workspace

Protect your Google Workspace with automated configuration backup and stress-free recovery. Restore your configuration with a few clicks.

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Automated and manual backup

Protect your enterprise system with automated or on-demand backup.

Hourly backup frequency

Your mission-critical Google Workspace configurations can now be backed up in up to an hourly frequency.

Granular or full restoration

Support your enterprise resilience and reduce risk with fast recovery and the ability to pick and choose what you restore.

Get better backup performance with backup speed and configuration type coverage

Automatically back up your Google Workspace configuration hourly or daily, so you can access previous versions of your configuration in a fast, flexible way. Schedule configuration backup up to an hourly frequency.

Restore any of the previous versions of your configuration

Easily restore all or part of your configuration to one of the previous versions. Gain some peace of mind and minimize the impact of a human error or a malicious activity on your business and operations.

Revert unwanted deployments in your configuration

Get an undo button when somebody makes a change by mistake - select a specific Salto deployment(s) that you would like to undo. This will undo all of the changes introduced to your environment in that deployment(s).

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