Okta Configuration Without the Stress

Avoid painful mistakes by protecting your Okta configurations with automatic backups, streamlined tenant syncing, and monitored alerts for any change

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Back up and restore your configuration

Protect your Okta tenants with automated configuration backup and stress-free recovery.

Test configuration changes safely

Test new apps, policies and groups without impacting user access and sync them to production in a few clicks.

Automate manual & error-prone work

Streamline processes like change documentation, cleaning technical debt, making bulk changes and more.

Explore all dependencies in your Okta configuration

See where your Okta policies, groups and rules are used and explore dependencies between them, so you can keep even the most complex configuration from breaking and save precious time.

Test new apps, policies and groups without breaking anything

With Salto, you can quickly push applications, policies, settings and other elements from a preview sandbox to the production and back, enabling safe testing without impacting user access.

Sync configurations between Okta tenants in a few clicks

No more “stare & compare”. Sync two or more Okta tenants and easily migrate configuration changes between them, so you never have to rebuild your applications and policies from scratch.

Ensure fast recovery with a reliable backup for Okta

Protect your Okta tenants with automated configuration backup and stress-free recovery. With Salto, you can restore your configuration with a few clicks to a specific point in time—and minimize the impact of human errors and malicious changes on your business and operations.

Stay on top of every change in your Okta tenant

Leverage Salto’s integration with Git to document administrative changes in Okta, so you’re always audit-ready. Keep track of every change that was made and get critical alerts to email or Slack.

Grasp every element in your configuration with the power of AI

Explain, our AI-powered feature, provides an instant, clear description of each configuration element in your tenant. Quickly understand your Okta policies and groups, review someone else’s work to ensure it meets the requirements, and onboard new team members faster and more efficiently, making sure everyone gets a clear understanding of your setup.

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