Salto for JSM Cloud

Copy Jira Service Management configurations from sandbox to production in an automated way, remove the labor and errors of manual migration and keep your production instance stable and secured

Jira Cloud

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Say goodbye to manual configuration migration

Copy JSM configurations between instances automatically and earn back hours in your day

Flawless releases every time

Forget the stress of manual errors and ensure your JSM helpdesk keep operational

Focus on what matters

With routine tasks off your plate, you're free to tackle bigger projects and innovations

Migrate JSM configurations in a few clicks

Seamlessly move configurations from sandbox to production or between any two instances in a single action. This process ensures you don’t have to worry about the order of migration or any impacts during the process.

Complete change tracking via version control

Gain comprehensive control over your implementations with detailed tracking of changes. Stay informed about what modifications were made and who made them.

Rollback quickly at any given moment

If the system breaks, effortlessly rollback to a previous version for maximum safety of your production instance.

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