Salto for Salesforce

Analyze dependencies and where metadata elements are used, compare and deploy changes, automate your deployments and deploy CPQ data - in an all-in-one platform

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Gain full visibility into your Salesforce metadata, understand where elements are being used and surface all hidden dependencies


Compare orgs and deploy changes between them. Pick and choose what to deploy while understanding dependencies


Automate your release pipeline with CI/CD and gate your deployments using PR rules. Customize your CI/CD flow exactly as you wish.

Deploy multiple metadata items with a few clicks

Deploy multiple metadata items together, including FLS and CPQ data records, and compare the planned change with the target org in every step of the deployment

Push changes to any Git repo and track everything

Salto integrates with a version control provider of your choice, so you can track how your environments change over time and better collaborate with your team while maintaining an accurate log of your configuration changes.

Intuitive conflict resolution flow

Simplify the process of detecting and resolving conflicts to ensure team members don't step on each other's toes. With Salto's intuitive point-and-click conflict resolution flow, both admins and developers can easily understand and resolve merge conflicts without the need for XML expertise

Validate changes and gate your deployments

Salto automatically creates pull requests in your Git repository, allowing you to validate them against the next org in your pipeline in an automated way. Establish an approval process and ensure changes go through a proper review process before being promoted to production.

Find and analyze your metadata

  • Analyze the dependencies of metadata items to better plan your changes
  • Find where standard and custom fields are being used
  • Analyze the dependencies of metadata items to better plan your changes

Salto is a certified AppExchange Partner and a certified Salesforce partner

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