The Business
Engineer's Code

You are an engineer. You build the company’s mission-critical, back-office product, upon which all others depend. And because you plan to build it to the highest standard, you build it from many cross-dependent best-of-breed applications, which is a complicated thing to do. That’s why you’re emphatic about creating patterns to standardize, control, and automate the quality and pace of development.

You understand the business like no other. Nobody has the knowledge of process or ability to predict the impact of changes like you do. That’s why you proactively recommend improvements, and aim to comply with the spirit of requests, if not their exact word—you are the one building a business applications architecture that works for all. You are responsible for setting and achieving your company's business KPIs using business engineering methodologies, which is why you have earned a seat at every table where operational decisions are made.

You are agile. You value responding to change over adhering to a plan. You prefer to rapidly release small, incremental changes rather than one large release. You prefer ongoing, informal collaboration with internal customers over big, infrequent check-ins. You give preference to good ideas no matter where they come from. You value a working solution with trackable versions over comprehensive documentation. 

More than anything, you are professional. You have a healthy respect for the limits of your own knowledge and would rather go far together than fast alone. You are dependable and deliver predictable results on time. You always aim to build architectures that outlast you, and always design, review, iterate, and consider before you act.

You are a business engineer who holds yourself and your colleagues to the highest standard—not because it is attainable, but because perfection is unattainable, and that through its pursuit, you’ll achieve things you can be proud of.