Deploy NetSuite customizations to the highest standards

Easily find objects and SuiteScripts, compare sandboxes, and deploy ALL changes. Track and document your NetSuite configuration changes to enable full visibility.

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Automate your manual tasks

Start automating manual documentation and deployment tasks. No more manually syncing your dev sandbox or rebuilding components directly in production.

Stay on top of every change

Track and document everything that happens in your NetSuite environment quickly and effortlessly. No more wasting days trying to track down your change logs.

Improve your efficiency

Compare and align your sandbox and production environments to reduce deployment errors. No more working late to investigate what broke in the live account.

Streamline your customization deployments up to 10x

Sync your NetSuite accounts and deploy customizations from a sandbox to production or between environments in a few easy clicks, with all required dependencies identified and added by Salto. Automate change documentation and easily link every deployment to a respective Jira ticket.

Search your entire configuration and understand how everything connects

Use text search to find Custom fields, Saved Searches, SuiteScripts and more. See their references and how they compare across environments, and make bulk changes easily with Find and Replace.

Enable smooth collaboration between admins and developers

With Salto CI/CD, build a centralized pipeline for every deployment going into NetSuite, so you can track and manage all the changes from both admins and developers. Automate testing and deployment tasks to deliver new business requirements to production faster and reduce the risk of broken customizations going live.

Detect and resolve merge conflicts seamlessly when your team is working on the same SuiteScript simultaneously.

Reliable configuration backup for your NetSuite account

Restore your NetSuite account to earlier configuration versions in case of a mistake or a broken deployment, with just a few clicks. Salto allows you to restore your customizations, partially or in full, to a specific point in time—to minimize the impact of errors on your business and operations.

Understand your configuration with the power of AI

Explain, our AI-powered feature, provides an instant, clear description of each element in your configuration. Quickly understand your NetSuite workflows and hundreds of other elements, review someone else’s work to ensure it meets the requirements, and onboard new team members faster and more efficiently, making sure everyone gets a clear understanding of your customization.

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