Automated Jira Configuration Management

Copy configuration changes from the sandbox to production automatically and eliminate the slow, error-prone process of replicating changes manually in production

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Understand your projects like never before

Not sure which fields are being used in an automation? Explore everything in your configuration, see dependencies, and understand how everything connects.

Test configuration changes before they go live

Test new automations and workflow schemes before they go live without impacting the production environment.

Move configuration changes between instances

Deploy configuration changes through an automated process rather than manually copying them between instances

Our Users Never Look Back

Push configuration changes from sandbox to production

With Salto you can sync your sandbox to production and easily push items between them so you never have to re-build your projects from scratch.

Move project templates between sites seamlessly

Whether you’re replicating a template across sites, updating existing templates, refreshing your sandbox or duplicating a site, Salto enables partial or full site clones. Migrate project templates with just a few clicks.

Pick and choose what you want to deploy to production

Salto is the only platform that allows you to be completely selective about what you want to deploy to production. Pick and choose only the elements that are ready to move to your production instance without disrupting ongoing development work.

Deploy entire project, a single workflow, or new options to an existing custom field - you choose.

Use Git to document configuration changes

Push Jira customizations and ScriptRunner scripts to a source control system of your choice, to easily track the history of changes, troubleshoot faster, rollback to previous versions and collaborate with team members.

Merge your ScriptRunner scripts between instances

  • Automatically copy ScriptRunner workflows from one instance to another.
  • Keep your ScriptRunner scripts in version control so you can collaborate with your team, compare versions and roll back changes if needed.
  • Understand what scripts are implemented and where scripts are being used across your Jira configuration.

See where your custom fields are being used

If you can’t see where your custom fields are being used, it’s difficult to keep workflows and automations from breaking. With Salto, you can analyze your configuration items, see dependencies and where they are being used, and save precious time.

Get Slack/email alerts on changes in your Jira instance

Would you like to know if someone modified issue types, custom fields or any other user-edited configuration elements missing from the audit log?

With Salto, you can easily set up alerts for modifications made in your instance, ensuring that you always remain in control of what's happening.

Understand your Jira configuration with the power of AI

Explain, our AI-powered feature, provides an instant, clear description of each element in your configuration. Quickly understand your Jira automations and hundreds of other elements, review someone else’s work to ensure it meets the requirements, and onboard new team members faster and more efficiently, making sure everyone gets a clear understanding of your configuration

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