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See how other great IAM teams manage configurations in Okta

Sync your Okta tenants in minutes, back up and restore your configuration when needed, and monitor every change made by others.

Trusted by leading companies
Reduce admin workload by 75%
Sync configurations between Okta preview and production (or between multiple tenants), so you can test safely and never have to manually rebuild from scratch.
Revert a bad change in minutes
Back up your Okta configuration in case you need to roll back to a previous version or restore your entire setup in case of an emergency.
Implement DevOps without the DevOps skillset
You don’t have to be a DevOps engineer to take advantage of Salto and implement a change control process for Okta.

“Without Salto, we wouldn’t have been able to go live on time. It would have taken two or three full-time employees a month to move everything from one environment to another. With Salto, the bulk of it was done in less than one working day."

Jay Kiefer, PCG

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