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Analyze dependencies and see where metadata elements are used, compare & deploy changes, and automate your CPQ deployments - in an all-in-one platform

Understand your org like never before

Not sure which fields are being used in a flow? Explore everything in your org and understand how everything connects.

Take control of your deployments

Compare and align your orgs, move changes between them, get alerts on missing references, and stop wasting time on resolving failed deployments.

Automate your manual work

Salto helps you automate manual processes such as documentation, deployments, bulk changes, and more.

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DevOps platform for
Salesforce, NetSuite, Okta, Jira, Zendesk and more
Salesforce only
Free-forever tier for Impact Analysis and metadata search
Approach to Salesforce DevOps
Modern, infrastructure-as-code approach
XML-based deployments
Approach to CI/CD and automation
Limitless. Delegated to the CI provider of your choice.
Restricted. Automate only what Gearset allows
SFDX Support
Deploy CPQ data
Version control for CPQ and any configuration data
Data-as-metadata approach for CPQ, Field Service, Conga and more
Only CPQ
Admin and dev-friendly
Only for developers
Admin-friendly conflict resolution
Only for developers comfortable with editing XML files
Diff and change visualization
No-code, modern approach
Learning platform for Salesforce CI/CD
Community-based, engaging video courses on general DevOps concepts
Text-only courses
Extensible, open-source
Built-in scheduled apex testing
Easily automated with the CI server of your choice

Salto is a certified AppExchange Partner and a certified Salesforce partner

Push changes to any Git repo and track everything

Salto integrates with a version control provider of your choice, so you can track how your environments change over time and better collaborate with your team while maintaining an accurate log of your configuration changes.

Keep your sandboxes in sync

Compare your sandbox to any other environment, including production, see what’s missing and align what’s needed. Save errors and long manual investigations trying to figure out what went wrong in your deployment.

Deploy multiple metadata items with a few clicks

Deploy multiple metadata items together, including FLS and CPQ data records, and compare the planned change with the target org in every step of the deployment process.

Validate and automate your deployments with any CI tool

Salto’s open architecture allows you to integrate with any continuous integration platform, so you can push your versions to Git, create pull requests, run validations and unit testing and schedule your deployments

Deploy CPQ data as any other metadata type

Salto treats Salesforce CPQ data as any other metadata type, allowing one to see where a CPQ data records are being referenced, deploy metadata and CPQ data record in the same deployment and get notified of any missing related elements, such as another record on a lookup field.

Make bulk metadata changes

Salto has powerful metadata editing capabilities, such as making bulk changes in your org's metadata and editing metadata just before deploying it to the target environment.

“Where is this used” for standard fields

Not being able to see where Salesforce standard fields are used can hurt your development process. With Salto, “Where is this used” is available for both custom and standard fields to save you precious browsing time.

Find hardcoded IDs, email addresses, and URLs

Lost between the Salesforce setup menu, Workbench, and VSCode trying to find where are some hardcoded IDs? Use "CTRL+F" across your entire Salesforce org—only with Salto.

Compare your metadata items and see the differences

Need to migrate two process builders and not sure where to begin? Compare two metadata items of the same type, see the differences, and simplify your migration process.

Salesforce metadata monitoring with Slack and email notifications

Did someone break your apex class? Be the first to know with Salto’s metadata monitoring, allowing you to set email or Slack notifications on changes in your org.

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