Apply the Power of DevOps to your
Business Applications

Salto translates your business applications’ configuration into text, allowing you
to search, compare, test, deploy, and track changes across your environments

Salto translates your business applications’ configuration into text, allowing you to search, compare, deploy, and track changes across your environments

Built for Business Applications Teams


Own your metadata customization

Search and analyze your metadata, compare orgs and align them whenever needed. Validate and automate your deployments and improve the speed and quality of your releases. Learn more


Track everything and automate your change migration

Track and document every NetSuite change for full visibility across your team. Compare environments, see the differences and move changes between them seamlessly. Learn more


Align your environments with confidence

Gain visibility into your rules and automations, compare your Sandbox to Production and move changes between them in a few clicks. Learn more


Compare your instances and move changes between them

Explore your schemes and workflows, compare and clone instances and deploy changes in a few clicks. Learn more


Compare Okta tenants, migrate apps and test changes safely

Streamline change management and documentation for Okta configuration to cut out hours of manual work and significantly reduce downtime and compliance risks. Learn more

A never before seen view of your configuration

Environment Alignment

Keep your environments in
sync at all times

Align your environments whenever needed and reduce team conflicts and deployment errors. Choose the components you would like to align and never lose your Sandbox work again.

Own your Deployment

Enhance the quality and speed of your deployments

Easily deploy all your changes including customizations and scripts so you won't have to waste time on manual deployment tasks.

Automated deployments

Automate your deployments
with any CI tool

Salto’s open architecture allows you to integrate with any continuous integration platform, so you can push your versions to Git, create pull requests, run validations and unit testing and automate your deployments.


Search all your
customizations as
easy as Ctrl+F

Use Salto's free text search feature and see the results in the right context. Find hardcoded values and use a simple Find and Replace to change them in bulk.

Understand the
impact of every change

Search for any element in your environment, identify references and dependencies, and understand the impact of a change before making it.


Document every configuration change so you're always in the know

Track and document every change in your environments and gain full visibility into what's happening in your instance.


Keep your team on
the same page

With Salto's SaaS solution, your team can access the most up-to-date configuration version, compare it to their own, sync it, make changes, and share them with the team.

Get notified about changes

Stay on top of the changes you care about the most. With Salto you can receive Slack or email notifications when something changes in your environment.

The holistic approach of a solution that works across apps and environments can and should lead to the adoption of new industry standards

Mike Hamilton

VP Information
Technology, Databricks

You’ll be in good hands

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