4 Powerful Ways to Use ChatGPT as a Jira Admin

Written by
Gal Fatal
Atlassian expert & Community leader
June 13, 2023
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ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an advanced language model with the potential to transform business operations. Its script code generation capabilities in response to natural language queries are a game-changer for DevOps engineers, IT experts, and tool administrators.

In this article, we'll dive into ChatGPT use cases for Jira administrators and check how ChatGPT can enhance the efficiency and productivity of a Jira administrator’s routine tasks. We'll showcase each use case with prompts and results to inspire you with how Jira administrators can generate various script codes with low effort.

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Using ChatGPT to generate custom JQL queries for filters and reports

Writing JQL queries in Jira is part of the everyday routine for Jira users, project managers, and Jira administrators. As a Jira administrator you may be asked to assist with creating complicated filters for your Jira users. 

Let’s check out an example:

You want to generate JQL with conditions and exceptions. Ask ChatGPT in natural language to generate this for you.


Write a Jira JQL query to retrieve all the open issues except bugs in the "Dev1" or "Dev2" project that are part of the current sprint, have less than 10 hours work-log time, and whose status changed from "To Do" to "In Progress" more than four days ago. Do not include issues with assignee having project admin permissions. Do not include issues without epic link. Please sort by priority and then by assignee.

Results: (simply copy code and paste to Jira)

Using ChatGPT to generate script that runs Jira command line interface (CLI) 

Using CLI is a common way to perform Jira admin actions.

Let’s look at the following scenario: 

A Jira admin wants to add a bulk of new users, using a csv file as input with the list of the new users.


Write CLI script for Jira that adds bulk of users, using csv file

It also provides the csv format and instructions to run the script.

What if you would like to run it in Windows OS? Or in a batch file of a PowerShell script?

The below prompts will provide the same action with different script language.


Write CLI script for Jira that adds bulk of users, using csv file, for Windows OS using batch file

To get the script in PowerShell:


Write CLI script for Jira that adds bulk of users, using csv file, for Windows OS using powershell script

Using ChatGPT to generate script in Groovy to be used with the Scriptrunner app

Many Jira admins use the Scriptrunner app to generate scripts and perform custom and complicated actions.

Consider this scenario:

You want to calculate all estimations provided on all issues in the current sprint (except bugs) in the Jira project named “DEV” and update the result on a custom field you created in advance.


Write a Groovy script in Scriptrunner for Jira to calculate the sum of all estimations in all issues except bugs in project "Dev" in the current sprint and update the result in "total estimations" custom field.

The script uses the Jira API to calculate the sum of all estimations in the issues from the "Dev" project (excluding bugs) in the current sprint. It then updates the "Total Estimations" custom field with the calculated value.

Using ChatGPT to generate a Python script that will use Jira REST API

Another way to execute Jira actions is through an external script using REST API.

You can use the popular Python language for this.

Let’s look at another scenario:

You want to delete a Jira user, using python and REST API.


Write code in python that deletes a Jira user using REST API

Update the parameters in the script (username,password,base_url) and then execute the following command:

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Jira Administrators can leverage the power of AI to enhance their productivity and streamline tasks. Here are some recommendations for different use cases:

  1. JQL for Filters and Reporting: Use ChatGPT to generate JQL queries to create custom filters and generate reports.
  2. Groovy Script for Automation: Utilize ChatGPT to assist in writing Groovy scripts using the Scriptrunner plugin. With Groovy script, you can automate various actions in Jira, such as updating issues or performing calculations on issue data.
  3. CLI and Script Codes: Use ChatGPT to generate command-line scripts or script codes (e.g., bash, powershell) to perform specific tasks in Jira from a command line. For example, you can use the Jira CLI to delete users or update issue fields in bulk.
  4. REST API: Leverage the Jira REST API to interact with Jira. ChatGPT can help generate code (e.g., python) for many actions like creating issues, updating workflows, or retrieving issue data, using REST API.

Always remember to test your code changes in a test environment before applying them to production to ensure that any unexpected outcomes or issues can be addressed before affecting live data.

Written by
Gal Fatal

Gal Fatal has over ten years of experience in DevOps, ALM solutions, and Agile development using Atlassian solutions. Gal is a recognized expert in Atlassian tools, holding five different Atlassian certifications. He is leading the Atlassian community in Israel, where he has made significant contributions to the development and growth of the community in Israel over the past five years.

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