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Introducing Salto Pro: Everything you need for error-free deployments

Written by
Ofer Rozenman
November 30, 2022
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Salto’s free plan was a bit of a breakout success. It’s grown faster than we expected (thanks in no small part to recent mentions in and SalesforceBen). We’re seeing it used by companies large and small, on up to Fortune 100s. People really want to understand what’s implemented in their business systems so they can plan changes with confidence, and frankly, we’ve been surprised by the volume and intensity of that interest.

We also heard that many of our free plan users needed more power. They’ve asked for:

  • An efficient way to sync sandboxes with higher environments—like user acceptance testing (UAT), Production, etc.
  • An automatic and error-free way to replicate changes between environments
  • A way to track changes and roll back to a prior version, to save hours debugging broken automations

We heard this feedback from teams of every size, from individual contributors through to consultants, agencies, and big, advanced teams. They all wanted to be more efficient and move faster while wasting less time on manual, error-prone tasks. And, they wanted to try these features out for themselves, without having to schedule a demo. “Product-led” is where the world is headed, and we recognize you want the flexibility to sign up and manage your account on your own.

In response to all this, I'm thrilled to introduce Salto’s new paid plan for individuals and teams. It expands what you can do with Salto Free to include a more complete, automated, and far-reaching toolset for configuring your systems. You can try it right now with your Salesforce, Zendesk and Jira instances, free for 30 days—and without having to wait a second more!

Experience the Ease & Confidence of NetSuite Customizations with Salto

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With Salto Pro, you can compare, deploy, version control, and more

We’re calling this new offering “Salto Pro.” It has some of the features of Salto’s enterprise product, but anyone can sign up any time. Now, teams working long hours around the world don’t have to wait until Monday to see, try, and buy. 

With Salto Pro, you get the ability to: 

  • Compare environments and see how they differ—Salto lets you know the differences between your source and target environments (in a delightful way, no less—see below) so you know exactly what you need to deploy. Without this, teams have to guess, watch their deployments fail, debug them, and repeat.
  • Deploy changes between any two environments—Select elements you’d like to promote, analyze their dependencies, and get alerts for potential errors. This’ll save you lots of clicks, errors, production failures, and the time required to fix them all. 
  • Keep your sandbox in sync with higher environments—Align your environments whenever needed and reduce team conflicts and deployment errors. Select and back-promote only the changes you need and never lose your sandboxed work again.
  • Use Git-based version control to document changes—You can store your entire configuration in a source control system like Git. That allows you to document changes, track how your systems change, compare versions, and rollback if needed.
  • Search and dependency analysis—Find elements in your environments and understand all dependencies before you prepare your deployments, without  jumping back and forth between tools and losing context.

Salto Pro’s environment comparison is friendly and intuitive

If you have a larger team and want to maintain a more complex pipeline, you can upgrade from Salto Pro to Salto Enterprise for the full thing. It includes the ability to monitor changes, use single sign on (SSO), install Git on-premise, support multiple business applications, and plenty more.

Instead of spending hours maintaining systems, we can focus on driving the business forward.
Joshua Thorngren, Former VP Growth, Torq

Salto Pro has a plan for every team

Salto Pro is designed to be flexible and usage-based, so you can modify your subscription on the go. For example, the number of users.

  • Choose the subscription type—either annual or monthly. (Paying annually naturally offers savings.)
  • Start small and add users—create an account for yourself and add your team as needed.
  • Choose whether or not you’d like to enjoy Saltos workspaces—a Salto Workspace is a private space that allows users to bulk edit configuration files, deploy them, and roll back configuration changes.
  • Select from among the add-ons—like CPQ support for Salesforce and Zendesk Guide for Zendesk (coming soon). 

Salto Pro brings Salto’s total number of plans to three— Salto Free, Salto Pro and Salto Enterprise. Not sure which is right for you? Shoot our team a note, we’re happy to talk you through them. 

Get your Salto Pro 30-day free trial

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With Salto, you’re a pro

If you ever find yourself struggling to figure out why a deployment is failing—or spending too much time deploying changes between environments, or rolling back configuration updates—there’s now a fix, and we’ve named it “Salto Pro.” Because with Salto, you get to be a BizApps pro.

Written by
Ofer Rozenman

Ofer is a Product-led-Growth advocate who enjoys using data to create and improve disruptive products. Before leading products at Salto, Ofer found user-friendly solutions to the most complex problems at leading software companies like Wix and Ofer is also an avid filmmaker and enjoys shooting short movies in his free time.

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