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Written by
Pablo Gonzalez
Business Engineering Architect
September 5, 2023
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Keeping up with Salesforce technology has become challenging over the last few years. With so many new clouds and specializations, finding expert-led training resources for your niche is difficult, sometimes even impossible. 

Today we are changing that for a niche we are passionate about—Salesforce DevOps—by launching SaltoLeap for Salesforce, a learning platform full of 100% free video courses designed to power up your Salesforce DevOps career.

Experience the Ease & Confidence of NetSuite Customizations with Salto

Yet another learning platform?

There are many great Salesforce learning platforms—so why is SaltoLeap special?

  1. There is no hidden agenda—the courses are simply about powering up your Salesforce DevOps career. There's no secret agenda, no bias toward our Salesforce DevOps offerings (though we think they are awesome!), and we are not afraid to mention other tools where relevant. 
  2. We’re very selective about who you’ll learn from—the courses we are launching today were all created by me. I've spoken about Salesforce DevOps and CI/CD at several international Salesforce events, including Dreamforce and TrailheadDX. I'm bringing all that experience into these courses, and I'm partnering with other experts in the ecosystem (CTAs, etc.) to create more.
  3. Join our Salesforce DevOps Slack workspace—you’ll get to be part of a thriving community and learn from other Salesforce developers.
  4. 100% free—nothing else to say about that. 

What's in it?

We're kicking things off with three flagship courses:

Fundamentals of CI/CD with SFDX and Git

You'll learn the basics of working with Salesforce metadata with SFDX, VSCode, and Git, giving you a foundation for setting up a Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline.

Configuring a Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline with GitHub Actions

Build off your foundational knowledge and learn how to set up a complete Salesforce CI/CD pipeline from scratch with free tools. 

Salesforce DevOps Anti-Patterns

Explore 7 common anti-patterns used by Salesforce developers, learn why you should steer clear of them, and find out what to do instead.

These three courses combined will completely change your Salesforce career, just like learning CI/CD changed mine. 

What's next?

This is only the beginning! We will continue to bring you more expert-led courses centered around all things Salesforce DevOps.

By the way, are you an expert with an itch to share your knowledge? Let us know—we'd love to collaborate with you!

Written by
Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo is a Business Engineering Architect at Salto. He is the developer of and has 11 years of development experience in all things Salesforce.

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