Salto for Salesforce CPQ

Deploy CPQ data and Salesforce metadata in a unified no-code flow. 
Salto brings DevOps to Salesforce CPQ—compare, deploy and version control your CPQ data records alongside your Salesforce metadata.

One deployment for all CPQ configurations

Use one single deployment to deploy CPQ data records and CPQ metadata all together

Automated records mapping in the target org

No need to configure anything—Salto will automatically map the elements to all of their dependencies in the target org

A gorgeous CPQ objects visualization

Explore your CPQ records and Salesforce metadata in a no-code format and understand where elements are being used

Salto is a certified AppExchange Partner and a certified Salesforce partner

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I had an issue figuring out how to deploy CPQ Quote Templates and Template Content - Salto to the rescue! A great tool which helped me accomplish my task right away, with no manual work!

Tsenko Aleksiev

Salesforce Developer at Valuent GmBH

Compare and deploy CPQ data records

Compare CPQ configurations across orgs in a no-code view, and understand what needs to be deployed without reading through XMLs

Use our built-in filters to find your objects or use the search bar to find them quickly

 Easily select as many items as needed

Use the same deployment for CPQ data records alongside metadata

Complete dependency analysis

A complete mapping of all dependencies of both data records and metadata items

Once an element is selected, Salto will
identify and flag all the related elements so
you wont miss out on any hidden

Salto will keep updating the required dependencies until nothing is missing,
ensuring one-way error-free deployments.

Keep your CPQ data in
version control

Maintain a complete audit trail of your CPQ deployments

  Collaborate with your team through pull requests

Rollback to previous versions when needed

CPQ data seeding for any type of sandbox

Push CPQ records to your dev/partial/full-copy sandbox

Keep your sandboxes aligned with production so you can test your changes in an up-to-date setup

Introduce CPQ changes in a reliable way without impacting production

Explore your CPQ
configurations in a no-code, intuitive UI

Salto is the only platform that allows you to explore your CPQ configuration in a
document-like format

Understand where your CPQ data elements
are being used

Identify data and metadata dependencies

Salto Supports 8 Business Applications and Counting









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