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Salto for





42 min

November 7, 2023

Getting Started with CI/CD for NetSuite

NetSuite admins and developers traditionally use different tools and methodologies which means they have very little visibility into each other’s work. This disconnect can create misalignment and result in inconsistencies and errors in their system. Moreover, NetSuite admins in large companies often struggle with a constant influx of requests, making it hard to implement changes with a proper process while minimizing risks. There’s a solution to both challenges: CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery). It’s already a standard in the software development world, and it can help teams that manage business apps as well. CI/CD allows NetSuite admin and developers to establish a centralized process for all deployments—so they can see every single change across teams and environments, reduce errors, and release faster. In this live webinar, you will learn how to get started with CI/CD for NetSuite.

Topics include

  • What is CI/CD is and how it applies to NetSuite

  • Advantages of adopting CI/CD: better collaboration and visibility

  • Exploring CI/CD tools for NetSuite: Git, CI providers, etc.

  • Setting up your CI/CD pipeline with Salto

  • Q&A