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Salto for





40 min

May 30, 2024

How to avoid breaking your NetSuite setup

Ever had a NetSuite user change a saved search used by one of your scripts, which then caused that script to misbehave? Or maybe another admin has changed the permissions on a custom field causing broken reports? It can be nearly impossible to know whether a certain change broke something downstream, even seasoned NetSuite administrators don’t always understand the full impact of their customizations. Imagine how much faster your response time could be if you were alerted directly when a risky change was made. Join us for a live group demo to learn how you can start monitoring changes in your NetSuite account, so you can identify potential issues before they arise and easily pinpoint the root cause of any problems that do occur.

Topics include

  • How to monitor changes in your NetSuite account

  • Setting up automated alerts with Salto

  • Q&A