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Introducing Salto support for Zendesk Guide

Written by
Anna Filippov
January 25, 2023
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Think about what your Help Center looked like when it was first launched, and consider it now. I’ll bet it’s changed a lot. Probably, it’s gone through thousands of tweaks and iterations from a disorganized clutch of articles to a portal that helpfully deflects a meaningful number of support issues

That journey was probably more work than it needed to be. Maybe you found you needed multiple knowledge bases for multiple product lines, and had to spend days or weeks copy-pasting nearly identical articles along with all the formatting and attachments. Maybe you found that updates created bugs that you couldn’t just “undo.” Maybe managing Zendesk isn’t even your full-time job.

If any of that was the case, I’m sure you’re as excited as we are that Salto now supports Zendesk Guide. You can apply the same agile time-saving methods to it, and get the same deflection benefits with a whole lot less manual work. 

What if Zendesk Guide was 4x less work?

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For serious Zendesk Guide time savings, try Salto

Salto has several different plans, but for simplicity, we’ll discuss what you can do in Zendesk Guide with our Pro plan, which you can try for free right now. When you connect Salto to your Zendesk instance, it’ll fetch your Help Center configuration and present it in a textual UI.

Salto can simplify your Help Center management by allowing you to: 

  • Move articles between two instances—Duplicate content from one Guide environment to another, or from one environment to all, with just a few clicks. 
  • Replicate configuration between sandbox and production—Quickly replicate changes from sandbox to production (or the other way around). 
  • Easily search and see dependencies across your instance—Save yourself hundreds of clicks by searching through your configuration and having full visibility into how your objects and business rules connect.
  • Easily manage multiple instances—Because you can compare and sync environments, it’s now much easier to maintain dozens of regional instances, and push changes across them.
  • Deploy changes—From Salto, you can configure your categories, sections, articles, article attachments, user segments, and permission groups.
  • Roll back to past versions and document your work—Recall how Zendesk Guide has a native version history feature for articles, where you can restore past versions? Imagine that, but for the entire configuration of your Help Center. If something’s buggy, revert to a prior version.

Configure Zendesk Guide faster

Salto is particularly helpful anywhere where you used to have to achieve bulk operations by hand, one change at a time. Zendesk pros tell us that when a piece of content changes in one place, they often have to spend many hours finding out all the places that it’s referenced, and updating that text. When a support article URL changes, they have to go through every article searching for instances of that link.

But with Salto, they can now just “bulk find and replace” it.

Or, if inheriting many Zendesk environments, administrators tell us it’s all too much to manage (For example, 25 instances!). And while you probably want to rationalize and consolidate those environments, Salto also makes managing them easier.

With Salto, they can just deploy a change from one environment into another and move on with their day.

Migrate Help Center articles between instances in a few clicks

Start 30-day free trial ≥Start 30-day free trial ≥

Make Help Center management a lot less work

Perhaps the greatest thing about using Salto to manage Zendesk is how it makes you appear within your own organization. Where before you might have had to add new requests to a towering backlog and appear slow to respond, Salto makes you fast and responsive. It allows you to answer questions on a call (“which Help Center content can this user segment access? Let’s just run a search”) and move things off your backlog in hours.

Salto puts you in a position where you’re able to do more, and think forward about what a great support portal can be. Rather than maintain, you can get proactive, and spend time on that chatbot and make it really useful for customers—so useful that their support journey ends there, because they found precisely the answer they needed. Over, and over, and over.

Curious about what Salto can do for Zendesk Guide or Zendesk Support? Try it right now for yourself with a 30-day free trial or have our team walk you through it.

Written by
Anna Filippov

Anna is a Product Marketer at Salto. She researches the challenges and needs of our Zendesk and NetSuite customers—to come up with more ways Salto can help them. When not working, you can find her exploring local architecture or at the beach with her dog.

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