Customizing Zendesk for Growth

What we’ll cover

Zendesk is easy to configure and helps companies scale. However, as your organization grows, your Zendesk instance must adapt to your business needs. This often involves adding new support segments, merging brands, and building more sophisticated business rules, which can create challenges and lots of questions. This webinar will help you tackle those questions and manage your Zendesk operations with ease.

Topics include:

Syncing sandbox and production

Merging or migrating Zendesk accounts

Identifying broken triggers

Finding missing dependencies and how to resolve it

And much more!

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“Because of the changes implemented with Salto, tickets are now taking half the time they used to. So we’ve got a much faster resolution time and that feeds through to CSAT. And it’s saving us big money on hiring more agents. If we didn’t have this, we would need to throw more people at the problem.”

Jake Samson

Zendesk System Manager at HyperJar