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12 min

May 30, 2024

How to keep multiple Okta tenants in sync

IAM teams that maintain a multi-tenant implementation of Okta (‘hub and spoke’) usually run into the same challenges, spanning from consistency in security policies to centralized logging and monitoring. One particular challenge that we hear about a lot is handling configuration complexity at scale. Once your group rules or other metadata are updated and tested in a sandbox, how do you copy it across all live tenants? More importantly, when you deploy a new configuration element to a different tenant, how do you ensure you’re bringing along all of the dependencies required for that change to behave in the same way? The current process most Okta administrators use is the infamous ‘stare-and-compare’ method, which is manual and prone to human error. There’s gotta be a better way! In this live demo, we’ll discuss how to streamline this process and sync changes between multiple Okta tenants in an automated way.

Topics include

  • The risks and downsides of manually duplicating configurations across tenants

  • How to apply change management best practices to Okta

  • Using Salto to sync configurations across tenants

  • How to easily monitor all of the changes in your tenants