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Salto for





52 min

May 16, 2024

Zen and the art of Zendesk configuration: Veteran Insights on Managing Zendesk in pro level

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a change in your Zendesk environment without knowing who did it and why; if you’re sure one day you’ll have to stay and work on a hot fix to production because a recent change made accidentally resulted in breaking production; if you don’t want to spend time manually aligning sandbox and production - make sure to join this session. Salto’s Scott Dixon and seasoned CX and Zendesk expert Craig Stoss will share horror stories of Zendesk configurations breaking down and walk you through practical tools and tips to avoid common pitfalls.

Topics include

  • How to automatically maintain clear visibility when multiple admins are working in Zendesk, to prevent operational derailments

  • Techniques for quick and effective rollback when something doesn't go as planned, minimizing downtime and customer disruption

  • Ensuring your changes in the sandbox are safely and accurately mirrored in production environments